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Georgia is ranked as the sixth safest nation globally. Approximately 10,000 Indian students are studying here. For Indian medical students, studying for an MBBS in Georgia is the greatest and most premium option. Georgia combines diversity and individuality. There are 25 medical universities with MCI approval. Nowadays, becoming an MBBS student in Georgia has emerged as one of the most alluring opportunities for aspiring doctors, not just in the area but globally as well. The large number of foreign students who enroll in the NMC/MCI-approved medical colleges here each year is evidence of this.

Georgian universities offer a 50% transportation cost reduction to international students. In Georgia, there are about five thousand MBBS students. In terms of point costs, the typical cost for an MBBS program in Georgia is between $4000 and $8000, which is affordable for most students. The Soviet Union was the center of the sciences, particularly medicine, in its heyday. Georgia is one of the several former Soviet republics that have continued to exist after the Soviet Union broke up in 1991. This explains why students can afford to use first-rate facilities at reasonable prices.

While price is a major factor for many, other draws to Georgia include the state’s colleges’ entire curriculum, career opportunities, campus amenities, and high standard of education.

Why Study MBBS in RUSSIA ?

There are so many reasons to study MBBS in Georgia Every year thousands of Indian students get admission to pursue medicine in Georgia.

  • Recognized by WHO and MCI

    The quality of education is top-notch in MBBS universities in Georgia. Moreover, there are more than 45 MCI-approved medical universities. All the medical universities are recognized by WHO, MCI, FAIMER, and other world-leading bodies.

  • Affordable

    A lot of medical universities in Georgia offer affordable courses, which is one of the major reasons that attracts many students who wish to study MBBS in Georgia. If you plan to pursue MBBS in Georgia you can complete just 14 lakhs to 28 lakhs.

  • Safety

    If we talk about safety, the major thing is that Georgia is the 6th safest place to study in the world. There are separate hostel rooms and outstanding mess facilities. Begin a developed country, there are crime rate is also very low.

  • No Entrance

    The admission process is very simple for those who wish to study MBBS in Georgia. Georgian universities’ admission is based on simple eligibility criteria. Indian students must clear the NEET exam to get admission, not anything eles.



Fee Structure

Don’t worry about the cost structure if you want to pursue an MBBS in Russia but are concerned about financial implications. Some of the best and most reasonably priced university fee lists for MBBS studies in Russia are provided below.

Hostel & Accommodation

  • To accommodate the various needs of students, Georgian universities provide a range of lodging choices, including dorms. University hostels are furnished with contemporary conveniences to guarantee that students have a comfortable stay, and they are situated close to university campuses. The hostels offer cozy rooms with private bathrooms and hot and cold running water all day long. To help students feel at home, the rooms are equipped with cozy beds, tables, chairs, and wardrobes.

Mess Facilities

  • Students can choose from both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. As everyone knows, different food habits lead to different cultures in India, and Georgia has the best mess facilities. Depending on their preferences, the students can choose between vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. One can choose to go for vegetarian food or to attend both meals at the time of admission.
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