The main reason people desire to study MBBS in Russia is that the nation fully supports MBBS candidates, making it the center of attention for the entire world. Russia is a nation that offers all qualified applicants and seekers many opportunities. Russia is the ideal destination for MBBS students, regardless of their nationality.

Due of the extremely inexpensive cost of MBBS courses in Russia. Consequently, students wish to pursue MBBS programs in Russia because of the country’s excellent educational system. The Russian medical universities employ highly trained academics and personnel.

For students who are studying MBBS abroad because they are dissatisfied with the educational system or department in their home country, enrolling in a Russian university makes the process much simpler.

Why Study MBBS in RUSSIA ?

  • The University fees are so much more affordable or less than government-funded Universities.
  • The students have so easy to travel from their country to Russia as the visa process is taking a total of 5-6 working days.
  • For admission in Russian Universities 145-155 (for General candidates) and 125-135 (For SC/ST/OBS candidates) the NEET score is required.
  • 1 Russian Ruble = INR 1.04 (keep checking the latest currency rates before applying).
  • Foreign students have the opportunity to learn the Russian language in a Russian MBBS college.
  • Russian universities have correct relations, making it simple for students to extend there. Some universities here are related to the nearest metro stations. For those not having this service, college or institution buses are available to pick up and drop off aspirants.
  • As all the required norms are fulfilled by the NMC Gazette then MBBS in Russia degrees are eligible for further studies and practice in India.
  • The Trans-Siberian Railroad (9,289 KM) which is the longest railroad in the world is located in Russia.
  • Russia has a vast Indian departure and has been effect by Indian culture there. The Russian MBBS course provided by Universities gives education to Indian students as they feel they are doing MBBS from India. Even in terms of popularity, Russia is different as it houses several various countries’ tribes and worship. Other than the education field technology, trade, sports, etc are standing strongly in front of countries like the United States and China. As mentioned above courses provided to the aspirants doing MBBS outside their own country MBBS in Russia is the perfect location.


Fee Structure

Don’t worry about the cost structure if you want to pursue an MBBS in Russia but are concerned about financial implications. Some of the best and most reasonably priced university fee lists for MBBS studies in Russia are provided below.

Hostel & Accommodation

  • The amenities offered by the hostel are adequate. Any MBBS university in Russia gives you the option to choose the hostel when you enroll. The hostel has separate rooms for males and girls, and the majority of the rooms are occupied. The most important thing is that students don’t have to purchase any additional goods for their dorm room.
  • All the requirements are also provided in the hostel rooms. In their dorm room, students can find pillows, carpeting, and bed linens. There are separate rooms for boys and females. Every student’s concerns are known to the hostel staff as well.

Mess Facilities

  • Students can choose from both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. As everyone knows, different food habits lead to different cultures in India, and Russia has the best mess facilities. Depending on their preferences, the students can choose between vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. One can choose to go for vegetarian food or to attend both meals at the time of admission.
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